Frequently Asked Questions


1 How do I enroll and become a Member in the BLU Program?

You can enroll by registering at any BLU participating merchant location – i.e. BLU Partner – or directly online through the BLU website at or through the BLU Mobile App.

2 When and how can I start earning BLU Points?

You can start earning BLU Points as soon as you register. From that point on inclusively you will be credited BLU Points every time you make a purchase at any BLU Partner location. Just make sure to remind the cashier at the checkout counter that you are a BLU Member!

3 Why is the number of BLU Points I earned relative to the money I spent different at times?

The number of points earned relative to the purchase amount will vary from one BLU Partner to another. Some BLU Partners may change the rate of awarding of points from time to time and without prior notice. Also, the same BLU Partner might choose to reward their clients with more BLU Points for purchasing certain items, or shopping at certain locations. We advise checking directly with each BLU Partner for the details on how they give out BLU Points.

4 Can I earn BLU Points even if I don’t have my BLU Loyalty card with me?

Yes, you can claim BLU Points even if you don’t happen to carry your BLU Loyalty Card with you. You can earn BLU Points by either:- using your registered mobile number- providing your BLU Loyalty card number- presenting an image of the barcode of your BLU card

5 Do I get charged for enrolling in the BLU Program?

No, Membership in the BLU Program is FREE of charge.

6 When and how can I start redeeming my points?

You can start redeeming your BLU Points once your account is activated. You can redeem your BLU Points for any item at a BLU Partner location. You can also exchange your BLU Points for any item on the BLU Catalog available on or through the BLU Mobile App. To complete a redemption transaction you will need to enter your PIN Code when prompted.

7 How do I receive my PIN Code?

You will receive your PIN code via SMS the first time you register. Your new PIN Code is sent directly to your mobile number registered under your account. If subsequently you request a new PIN, it will also be sent to the mobile number on file. For this reason, please make sure that the mobile number registered under your account is correct and up to date at all times.

8 How do I activate my account?

Activating your account is really easy. Log into your account online at or the BLU Mobile App, press the ACTIVATE MY ACCOUNT button and then enter your PIN code. You can also activate your account by using your PIN to complete a redemption transaction at any BLU Partner location.

9 Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes, you can choose to cancel your membership account at any time by logging into your account on or on the BLU Mobile App using your registered email address or mobile number and PIN.

10 Can I have other family members become Members of the BLU Program?

Yes, family and friends can enroll in the BLU Program, as long as they are 13 years of age and above.

11 How can I check my BLU Points balance?

You can check your BLU Points balance statement by logging into your account on or through the BLU Mobile App.

12 Can I update my profile and personal details?

Yes, you can update your profile and personal details by logging into your account on or through the BLU Mobile App. Once logged in, you can manage all your profile information, preferences and contact details. Members are encouraged to keep their profile information up to date to better benefit from the vast variety of rewards.

13 What happens if I lose or forget my PIN Code?

You can request BLU to generate a new PIN online on or through the BLU Mobile App. Alternatively, you can request a new PIN when completing a redemption transaction at any BLU Partner location.

14 How can I change my registered mobile number?

You can log into your account on or through the BLU Mobile App and make changes to your mobile phone number registered under your account, as well as other profile information and contact details.

15 For how long are my BLU Points valid?

Your BLU Points are valid for up to 3 years from the time they are credited to your account.

16 Can I transfer my BLU Points to another Member?

Yes, you can transfer your BLU Points, entirely or partially, to any other Member within the BLU Program.

17 Do I pay any fees for the transfer of BLU Points?

Yes, you will be charged a minimum fee for the transfer of BLU Points. You will be notified of that fee at the point when you are asked to confirm the transfer of your BLU Points.

18 Can I earn and redeem BLU Points when I travel abroad?

You can earn and redeem BLU Points anywhere and anytime within the BLU network from any BLU Partner globally.

19 How can I accelerate my earnings of BLU Points?

To get the maximum number of BLU Points, ensure you claim them every time you make a purchase from a BLU Partner. Also, keep an eye on special offers and promotions. BLU Partners may award you extra BLU Points for various things, such as purchasing specific items, shopping at a specified branch, entering a store at a particular time, and so on…

20 If I pay with a credit card issued by a BLU participating bank, would I earn more BLU Points?

Yes, if you are making a payment at a BLU Partner’s store and you are using a credit or debit card issued by a participating bank, you would be awarded BLU Points by both the BLU Partner and the participating bank.

21 How can I know who the BLU Partners are?

You can visit or your BLU Mobile App on a regular basis to see the updated list of BLU Partners. All stores displaying the BLU logo on the door or on the checkout counter are part of the BLU network.

22 How do I know that I have been awarded BLU Points upon a purchase from a BLU Partner?

Upon your purchase some BLU Partners will send you an SMS notifying you of the BLU Points earned from that transaction and your new balance. However, as this is not practiced by all BLU Partners, it is advisable for you to regularly check your BLU Points balance on or through the BLU Mobile App.

23 If BLU Points have not been credited to my account, what should I do?

It is a good practice to check your balance online and to keep track of the SMS notifications received from BLU Partners. In case you believe your earned BLU Points have not been credited properly to your account, you should first contact the BLU Partner where the transaction took place to clarify or adjust the inconsistency. If that does not resolve the issue, you can contact BLU directly at .Keep in mind that with some BLU Partners and participating banks, the crediting of the BLU Points is not immediate, and will take place at the end of your billing cycle (i.e. at the end of the month, or when you receive your billing statement).

24 I am not able to find the BLU Mobile App online – where is it?

The BLU Mobile App is shortly on its way. BLU will notify its Members when the BLU Mobile App will become available online for download.25 How can I get help if I have questions that I cannot find in this FAQ?You are welcome to contact our customer care at who would gladly assist you with any query you may have. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for a response.